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Leah - Owner/Director


I became a converted 'RAWER' from dry/kibble food over 10 years ago when our own dogs began to have skin & digestive complaints - back then I had never heard of the raw diet, and you literally had to ask person upon person to pick their brains to increase your knowledge and understanding....there wasnt as much information readily available at your fingertips back then! I am so glad that the raw diet has had the limelight that it has in recent years and there is so much information now available. 


Our dogs were breaking out in hot spots when they were 9 months old - gnawing feet, itching...and after a trip to the vets we were told it could be an allergy to something. After speaking to the breeder of our Northern Inuits, she recommended trying to change their food first, and to try raw. I read and read and read....managed to track people down who fed raw....and I became hooked! I just found it so interesting....and I still do. I'm a bit of a nerd on the raw feeding front - I'm on a number of Facebook groups, blogs, websites and would like to think I've built (and continue to build) my knowledge. Plus, if I can't find the answer to the question....I will know someone who can!


The good news was that our dogs improved within 2 weeks of switching to a raw diet - their skin healed and looked healthier, their coats became shiny (and so soft!) I noticed their teeth were looking better.....and their upset stomachs settled. I am often asked about the dogs when out and about, and I really do think you are what you eat!


Ok, thats how I found out about raw.....starting Raw Spirit is a different story. I've always been toying with the idea of a raw pet food company right from the very beginnin, all those years ago - but I was self employed and had other businesses on the go at the time.....it just wasn't the right time to start Raw Spirit. Then, life took a new direction in 2018 and I decided to just get one brand in -Nutriment - and 1 freezer at home....just to see how it went. Well....I ran out of space pretty quickly.....and now we have grown to 4 different brands, 9 huge freezers, and I've moved out to larger premises to accommodate it all, 


I pretty much run the whole show, from ordering stock, researching new stock, answering queries, getting orders ready for delivery & collection, sorting the website/Facebook/Instagram, bookeeping.....mulittasker extraordinaire! I do call in the troops when I need an extra hand.....they like being helpful!


We may not be the biggest company on the block, but I love my job and we are passionate about raw! 






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