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Why Buy From Us?


We may not be the biggest company on the block but we are passionate about raw! 


We became a huge fan of the raw diet after having many digestive issues with our own dogs & noticed the difference within 2 weeks of switching to this diet - our dogs are healthy, with clean teeth & shiny coats..............that was over 9 years ago and we haven't looked back! 


In the beginning we struggled to find a reliable supplier of raw food for our own dogs, especially in our area.....that's when the idea hit us.....lets become what we were looking for....and Raw Spirit was born. We pride ourselves in offering a range of raw food suitable for those who prefer DIY and those looking for complete meals, without scrimping on the quality of the food, teamed up with outstanding customer service. 


In a nutshell.....we love our food....we love raw.........we hope you do too!



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