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Established in 2013, Nutriment is an award winning, high quality raw food brand. They believe in sourcing premium British ingredients wherever they can, with all of their food manufactrured by hand to assure quality and attention to detail. Carefully selecting a variety of raw meats and fish, vegetables and nutrient dense superfoods to produce high qualtiy and nutritious raw foods. Nutriment also have organic certification and ethical approaches to farming and sustainability.

Nutriment's raw food is finely minced and packed into recyclable packaging

Paleo Ridge


Paleo Ridge Raw is an Award-winning family run working dog food business based in rural Hampshire, that have built a reputation for ethically sourcing their produce with high animal welfare standards at the forefront (organic, free range or wild where possible). All of their chicken used in their products comes from organic farms. All of their game is wild or ethically sourced. All of their product packaging is compostable


Paleo Ridge's raw food is known for is more chunkier, coarser texture as they use a 10mm plate to create a lovely chunky mince

DAF ( Durham Animal Feeds)


DAF is a third generation family run business, originally estblished in 1969 in County Durham. It was originally started to produce and supply raw food for the North East of England but is now very well known nationwide, for good old fashioned low price and they have one of the largest ranges of proteins on the market.


The DAF brand has been developed with nothing added and nothing taken away - no fillers, artificial flavours or preservatives - and are DEFRA approved, to ensure that all products are of the highest possible standard and that all ingredients are ethically sourced. DAF offers low price and great value for money, by offering no frills packaging - their food is packed in simple clear, transparent, sealed and recyclable (where facilities allow).


DAF's raw food minces are finely minced. Their chunks are on the larger size (fist size) but easily cut down & divided by defrosting first


The Dogs Butcher


The Dogs Butcher is a producer of premium quality British raw dog food - all meat is British and they source locally and enthically (even visiting the abbatoirs they use - 2 of which are licensed as organic) . They began their business in 2013 and it has grown into a highly recommended brand, well known for the quality of its meat. A wide choice of both 80:10:10 completes and DIY are on offer, and they are known for their chunky, coarser minces in 1kg packets




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