New To Raw Feeding

We shall call this the 'Five Step Program'

First of all.....pat yourself on the pat that you're doing a great thing for your dog by offering them a great diet that you can customise to THEM. Second of all......people can make raw feeding sound REALLY complicated (you guys know who you are *stern face*). Honestly, its really not as complicated, confusing or daunting to feed raw as it may seem at first. But, you need to have a little idea about what you are feeding to get an idea of a balanced diet - key words here BALANCED DIET:


The Golden Rules of Raw Feeding:


1. Research - just a little bit of reading, can just give you an idea of what you need to do with this diet. Join some of the Raw Feeding groups on Facebook is a good start - but I will say this, there are lots of different ways to feed raw, so don't feel overwhelmed or disheartend if you start looking into it and go..."information overload, I'm not sure how to start" - scroll further down and I've got handy feeding guides to start off for both puppies & new starters


2. Variety of Proteins

Balanced diet - the key words again and the main objective here ,  goes hand in hand by offering a variety of proteins in the diet. Variety is the spice of life....aim for at least 4-5 different proteins (turkey, chicken, lamb etc that is what we mean when you hear the word proteins) the more the better. This also includes ALL different parts of the animals, as there are many different nutrients, Amino Acids etc contained in different meats and different parts - the more you include, the larger the net you are casting to gain a lovely, all round well balanced diet. Think of it this way - look at ourselves for an example, if we just ate one particular thing and nothing else....we would become defient in something......the same goes for our fur friends. This is also a good place to mention allergies to meat - this is something I am seeing more and more over the years, and I've gone into it a little more further down


3. Aim for Balance Over Time

The ultimate goal in raw feeding is to aim to get a balance of all the necessary nutrients, vitamins & amino acids over a period of doesn't need to be achieved over days or in every meal - our fur friends are designed differently to us! 


4. Weight

You will need to have an idea of how much your pet weighs as you'll be working out how much to feed


5. Start the Transition to Raw Slowly

No matter what age your pet, we advise you transition them slowly - its important to get the gut health just right for a fresh, raw diet, don't be tempted to rush it