New Brand joining the gang and increasing our DIY range

Say hello to The Dogs Butcher!

Very excited to annouce that we are adding another highly recommend brand to our range - The Dogs Butcher! We have heard some great things about these guys from fellow raw feeders - lovely chunky high quality minces in 1kg packs, a wide range of DIY chunks, and a large variety of proteins on offer. All their meat is British, and they source locally and ethically - even visiting the abbatoirs that they use (two of which are licensed as organic)


We have also had lots of enquiries for us to increase our DIY range - we are firm believers that to achieve a balanced diet you should try and use all the parts of an animal - plus try as many different animals as you can (if the dog can tolerate that protein that is) as they really do love trying different textures and flavours - this is the beauty of feeding raw, there is so much choice! There are many natural raw treats you can give alongside feeding a complete raw diet if DIY raw feeding sounds a little daunting - check out the Complementary DIY / Natural Treats section of the website!

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